Leone, Trente variations en dispute

Unfortunately no preserved copy has been found so far. All information is derived from secondary sources (advertisements).

Likely title: Trente variations en dispute à deux Violons, qui peuvent se jouer sur le Par-dessus, la Mandoline et la Harpe, par Leone.
If the assumption is right that the Bailleux opus 4 reprint also contained this volume, the sequence seems to have used “Ah! vous dirai-je maman” as theme.

Price (from advertisements): 2 livres 8 sols / 48 sols.

First edition: 1761 (advertisements of the original prints start in 1761).

Possible reprint: 1776 or shortly before, by Bailleux, as “oeuvre 4”. Interestingly the variations sequence is described in the Bailleux advertisement as “Ah! vous dirai-je maman” variations. Besides a reprint of the 30 variations, it was combined with a reprint of the 1768 variation sequence as well.