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? [contains advertisement about Walsh, Forty Select Duets, Ariettas & Minuets according to Kloss, The “Guittar” in Britain 1753-1800, p. 53]


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For the Benefit of Signora ZAMPERINI.
KING’S Theatre, Haymarket,
This Day, April 2, a new Comic Opera call’d L’innamorate del Cicisbeo.
The Music composed by several celebrated Composers. With Dances and new Cloths in the Venetian Character. In Act II. Signora Zamperini will sing a Song, accompanied by the Mandolino by herself.
Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Persons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be delivered This Day, at the said Office, at Half a Guinea each.
First Gallery Five Shillings, Second Gallery Three Shillings.
The Gallery, Pit and Boxes, will be open’d at Five
To begin at Half after Six precisely. Vivant Rex & Regina.


For the Benefit of Signore BIGARI.
Painters and Machinists to the Opera House,
At Exeter Exchange Concert Room on Monday, January 25, will be a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental MUSIC.
The Band will be led by Signor Alessandri; first Violin with a Solo by Mr. Barthelomon. Solo on the Mandolino, by Signor Gervasio. Vocal Parts. Sig. Cori, Sig. Tenducci, Sig. Savoij, Sig. Bassattesi, Sig. Fedelino. With a grand View of Figures and Distances called the Theatre of Europe. To conclude with a Ball.
Admittance 5s.
Tickets to be had at the Place of Performance, at Mess. Gregori and Marsand’s in the Haymarket. The Ball Room and Apartments are elegantly painted.
Tickets delivered out by Mistake for the 11th of January, will be admitted.
The Chaise to go by Burleigh-street, and the Coaches opposite the End of Exeter Exchange in the Strand.
The Door to be opened at Six, to begin at Seven.